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Arran International Festival

of Chamber Music and Song

19th to 25th August 2024

Purple heather
Brodick Bay, Goat Fell, Isle of Arran

Welcome to our website!


The inaugural Arran International Festival of Chamber Music and Song is running from the 19th to 25th August 2024.

There will be concerts by international, local and young musicians alike, coming together to create a series of beautiful musical events.


The festival programme, including details of the artists and events, will launch in spring.


Please watch this space! ...

Green Scottish hills
Brodick Castle, National Trust for Scotland, Isle of Arran

I have strong ties to the Island of Arran, going back to my childhood. As a professional Opera singer I travel all over Europe singing in music festivals, all of which extol the virtues of their locations for arts events - and I have always thought that none of them offer more in terms of natural beauty, atmosphere and location than the Isle of Arran.


Our festival’s aims are to celebrate Arran’s rich natural and cultural heritage, to promote cultural exchange by bringing leading international artists to the island and to include the local community in the creative process. There’s a wealth of local talent, creativity and culture on Arran and a key part of the annual festival programme will be the celebration of local talent, with performances by both young and established local musicians alike


What I love about music and art is the power they have to bring people together, across borders. To me, our festival is about getting across borders in a world where so many lines are being drawn in the sand. Since I met with local leaders and members of the community on Arran last year, there has been great, proactive enthusiasm and support for this idea. And I hope that together we can make something beautiful for this extraordinary island of Arran, an annual music festival with huge potential to develop and grow in the years to come.

Richard Morrison

Festival Director

Richard Morrison baritone, Scottish baritone singer, song festival director

If you'd like to know more about the festival then please add your email and subscribe below - we'll keep you updated!

Thanks for your interest!

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